What is squirting?

“What is squirting?” is the basic question lately being asked by probing couples who want to explore the boundaries of their sexual pleasures.Since it’s a basic question let me answer in a basic simple way.

Squirting is defined differently by different websites.But basically Squirting represents squirting orgasm…Which brings us to a bunch of other questions,what is a squirting orgasm?…How does a squirting orgasm differ from Normal orgasms?

Lets first start with a normal orgasm and derive the definition of squirting orgasm from it.Remember that the word squirting orgasm always talks about the female orgasm and it is all about a woman’s experience.It has got nothing to do with male orgasms.(Although the word was used by g@y5 and it was a g@y5 terminology till a decade ago,But Today squirting just means one thing and it is female squirting orgasm).Okay comming back to female orgasm…A female orgasm differs from a male orgasm in many ways.For starters a male orgasm is generally a single event(Notice that i used the word ‘generally’ because there are exceptions) but females can have multiple orgasms at time.The most obvious difference is the male orgasm can be visually confirmed but a female orgasm cannot be told by just looking at it.This is why women can fake orgasms while men can never fake a orgasm,because a man’s orgasm is directly tied to his ejaculation.So if a man didn’t ejaculate that almost means that he didn’t have any orgasm.

A women don’t usually ejaculate normally during orgasms but when she is stimulated in certain ways to make her super horny she can have a orgasm accompanied by a ejaculation.The Ejaculation liquid of a women will be more clear and will be odorless.I generally compare the clearness of the female ejaculant to the champaigne,it’s that clear in some women,but in some women the color may be milky particularly when they are ejaculating foe the first few times.So ‘Female ejaculation’ was the word used to represent squirting orgasms but lately the word ‘Female ejaculation’ has lost it’s charm and everybody seems to use the word ‘squirting’ to represent squirting orgasms.