secrets of squirting orgasms

For years squirting orgasm and squirting techniques were kept secret and out of reach of common people. The references to the secrets of squirting orgasms were available only in secret literature that are accessible only to the aristocrats. For example the tantra and ancient Chinese literature on sex had many references to the squirting orgasms. In fact in the ancient times people never wanted the secrets of squirting orgasm to be publicly. Many of the literature with reference to the secret of squirting orgasms were destroyed in the medieval period. Because the liquid that comes during squirting orgasm was referred to white tigers blood in Alchemy ie the art of turning base metals into gold. So the church believed that squirting orgasm and female ejaculation were evil.

Back to the present. Even in the modern age their is heavy opposition to sharing the secrets of squirting orgasms with the general public . What is more amazing to me is even people who learned squirting orgasms from me have e-mailed me and asked me to stop sharing the secrets.I don’t understand this mentality.I can understand people who consider squirting as a taboo subject but i can’t understand the mentality of the people who themselves experience squirting orgasm but don’t want others to experience it.

Then there are other people who are lazy to learn squirting orgasm and they will write “Squirting orgasm is not real.It’s just peeing” all over the internet.These kind of people just won’t try even if step by step squirting orgasm steps are given to them.The worse part of it is not that they won’t try it is the fact that they will prevent others from trying to have squirting orgasm.

The next category is the actors and experts.These kind of people don’t  know a thing about squirting orgasm but they will act that they are the experts.They are the ones who write stuff like “Last night i gave my new girlfriend squirting orgasms one after the another for the whole night”.These people in reality will be some teenage kid living in their grandma’s basement with no social life.

Well in spite of all this ,there are real secrets that will make anybody a squirting expert.I will share the secrets in my next post.