Is it safe to drink or swallow her female squirt?

Whenever this question is asked to me,and believe me i get this question asked in email all the tine, i find it odd.Trust me,I don’t find it Gross or strange about a man who is interested in drinking or swallowing his lover’s female squirt,It is just the fact that the questioner is not just using his own common sense.It is a matter of his own preference and his partners and it is okay if it is okay to him and his partner. Don’t worry,if you are here to learn a direct answer to the question ‘Is it safe to drink or swallow her female squirt?’ i will be too glad to make my judgement for you.I will highlight a few points which will help you to answer on your own.I remember this question being asked in many squirting orgasm forums and there were some funny people seriously giving answers like ‘you should ask your doctor before drinking a women’s squirt.Just imagine somebody who takes their answer seriously and asks their doctor about it.The situation will be hilarious and will fit well in those slapstick comedy shows. wpid-Drinking-squirt.jpg Firstly,I am assuming that the male and female partners are both clean.I mean clean from any STDs(Suddently the Funny guys answer above makes sense to me now.But then If the partners are not clean there is no need to ask the doctor anyway) My first question is…’Do you love it and expect your women to swallow your ejaculate when you cum? If a women can swallow a man’s cum ‘safely’ then it is safe for a man to drink a women’s squirt when she ejaculates her fluid. The next factor to consider is….How does your women’s squirt smell and taste like?Well,Although i say that squirting liquid of a women is colorless and tasteless and smells good it can vary slightly from women to women.If your women’s squirt tastes good or smells good just go ahead and get squirted by her ejaculation on your face and even drink it.But if you are forcing yourself to drink or swallow it then just don’t drink that yet.It will just more damage in the long Run.I am not talking about the physical damage,i am talking about the emotional one. There was this guy who asked me ‘I saw a video SWALLOW HER SQUIRT’ where the men were drinking the females squirt.Should i do like that to my Girlfriend who eventually squirt? I just replied ‘You shouldn’t if you have to do it to ape them.But you should if you want to do it on your own will’ Okay.If you have read throught he whole article and still don’t have a clue of what i mean to say here is the Summary.You should Drink her squirt if you really feel good about it.If you do it just to make her feel good then don’t drink it. Tagged as: drinking female squirt, Is it safe to drink or swallow her female squirt View the original article here