how to become a squirter?

How to become a squirter? How can I become a Squirter? how do i become a squirter? These are the same kinda questions i get asked from my blog readers more and more these days.So i decided to sit down and discuss a few points and answer these questions myself now.

First of all i want to make clear a few things for people who are new to female ejaculation and squirting orgasm.Generally a question like ‘how to become a squirter?’ may be asked either by a man who wants to shoot his ejaculant faster or by a women who wants to experience squirting orgasm.And obviously we are going to discuss about how a women can become a squirter and nothing about the former.Having cleared this point let’s discuss about the question how to become a squirter?

I asked this same question when i was trying to become a squirter some five years ago.I have always read in forums and had people advising me that not all women can squirt and some can squirt and some cannot and stuff like if you cannot squirt just move on… I almost started believing in those things when i could not have my first squirting orgasm after trying for almost 6 months. But Right now if any women asks me ‘can i squirt’? i will say HELL YES!

Yes you can become a squirter…if only you don’t do the mistakes all people who try to squirt but fail do.Yes you can become a squirter if you do the right things at the right time in a right way.So what are these mistakes to avoid? and what are the Right things to do to give yourself amazing wholebody squirting orgasms that are waiting to rock your world?

In the squirting for Dummies videos we give you the exact mistakes that you need to avaoid in order to become a squirter. All you have to do is follow the step by step techniques that are told in the videos and rest assured that you can squirt for sure.The Time it takes for a women to become a squirter can vary greatly with many women claiming that they had their squirting orgasm the very first time they saw and followed the videos while a few others had been blaming me for months until they reach their first squirting orgasm several months later.So i can’t Guarantee on how soom you can become a squirter but all i can say is how sure you can be a squirter.

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