Squirting with Hitachi magic wand fan club

The following is a mail from a women who recently discovered the use of hitachi magic wand for squirting orgasms and became one of the thousands of the loyal squirting with hitachi magic wand fan club.

Girl with hitachi magic wand massager
Girl with hitachi magic wand massager

I bought hitachi magic wand from your site hitachimagicwandmassager.org last month only.To be honest i never bought the magic wand to use it as a vibrator.I just wanted a powerful electric massager that i can use it on myself after a hard days work.Needless to say that hitachi magic wand is the only massager that satisfied my needs.It’s powerful and it soothes my sore muscles after sitting and working infront of the computer all day in my workplace.

I recommended the magic wand to few of my close colleagues and they have also bought through your site.They said they received the product nicely and discreetly packaged in just three days after order date.Some of them said that they squirted uncontrollably with the first few uses of the magic wand.They are already thanking me for recommending hitachi magic wand to them.

I too want to thank you for introducing hitachi’s magic wand in to my life.I don’t have any stories to tell about the usage of magic wand.I am not a good write but i just want to do whatever i can do to spread the news about a good Product that will be useful for a lot of people.

Please Publish my review/View of hitachi’s magic wand.I will soon come back and share more experiences with the magic wand here.

Hitachi magic wand massager and squirting

I am jason.I came across this thing while browsing for information about how to make my girlfriend squirt and after reading the reviews of it i instantly know that Hitachi magic wand massager is going to be a quality messager which doubles up as a Vibrator.

I preferred and bought Hitachi magic wand just for this one reason…..It is a vibrator in disguise as a massager. I can leave this massager lying around the house but if i leave a vibrator unattended in the house and the guests find it,it will be a embarrassing situation.Many of my friends have eagerly enquired me about this massager and where i bought it.I mentioned to them that i got it from a website called hitachimagicwandmassager.org

Now Hitachi magic wand shares the bed with me and my wife.It is the only thing that can come between me and my wife.We are having threesomes almost every day…Me my wife and Hitachi.And not to mention the pleasures and moans of squirting orgasms.

First i want to mention the power of this electric/electronic wonder. My wife massages me first with this thing and it completely relaxes my whole body and it lets me to exprience the wonderful sensations i thought a machine can never give.I love it when my wife massages my back and lower back with the ball end of hitachi magic wand massager.It feels so good.It doesn’t matter if you are going to use it erotic or not.It can be a massager that unites a man and a women in bed.

I suggest everyone to grab this wonderful powerful device and experience the wonderful sensations it gives just once.I was smart enough to buy the Gspot attachment that comes with the device.We attached this extension to the device and my wife squirted for the first time.It was a great moment in my life.We are happily exploring more pleasure with the wonder device called Hitachi magic wand massager.

Squirting with hitachi magic wand massager-First time squirting story

I am stefani and i am writing to share my first experience of squirting orgasms after using the ‘Hitachi magic wand massager’ i got as a gift.I am 18 years old and i am in college staying alone in my apartment.I never know that there is anything like a squirting orgasm before i used the magic wand.Only after i first squirted with the magic wand massager i researched the internet and found all about squirting and squirting orgasms.

Girl with hitachi magic wand massager
Girl with hitachi magic wand massager

Ever since i rented the apartment i was feeling lonely with my boyfriend being far away.Yes,am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend who lives two states away from me.We meet once in three months and we make love.When i return back to my place for studies i felt it hard to concentrate and i was very aroused.I told this to my boyfriend and sent me a  Gift …the  ‘Hitachi magic wand’.

The First day i held the Hitachi magic wand…correction the first night….It was special….I never had used a massager or Vibrator in my life before.The Hitachi magic wand massager was my first Vibrator…if i can call it a vibrator.I removed my dresses and took a shower.I went naked to my bedroom and started watching a Hot music video…I started touching myself…I went to the cupboard and removed the cover of the vibrator.I inserted the plug to the electric socket and switched it on….

I kept the ball end on my feet and started to feel the vibration.Imagine the pleasures i experienced with the vibrator pulsing and it made my whole body shudder in waves of pleasures.I kept moving the vibrator upwards towards my privatte region.I was afraid at first to make contact of my soft genetials with the huge Hitachi magic wand.Finally i placed the vibrating ball end over my soft honey spot.I can’t express the feeling.I would have placed it just over a minute when i felt hot inside me and waves of pleasure ran throughout my body.I attached the Gspot attachment that came with the hitachi magic wand and inserted it in to me.

I screamed in pleasure….When i was about to orgasm i pulled it out….Then i inserted it back and continued the teasing all the way to three or four times.By the fifth time when i took out the gspot attachment out i had that peeing sensation and at the same time i was having orgasms….I can’t explain it….I squirted a clear watery liquid out.At first i was scared.Then i came to know that i squirted since i used the Gspot attachment with the hitachi magic wand.

I Told this to my boyfriend and he says he is counting every day to meet me and see me squirting.

If you are planning to buy any Toy i would say all you need is the Hitachi Magic wand and Nothing else.

Ways to use Hitachi magic wand massager-Vibrator to Make your Girlfriend squirting

First let me be clear about one thing…If you are expecting a Mechanical manual for ‘Hitachi magic wand’ this is the wrong Place. This little book will be explaining every Tips and Tricks that will help you to start exploring the sensual pleasures you have never experienced in your life before.(And watch out for the surprise down below…..)

Squirting with Hitachi magic wand massager

If my assumption is right…you have already heard about the endless possibilities of pleasure and relaxation ‘Hitachi magic wand’ can bring in to your life.First, let me reinstate a few things about ‘Hitachi magic wand massager’ and why it is heads and shoulders above all other massagers and vibrators available in the market,for the sake of the beginners who don’t know much above it.

Hitachi magic wand blends so seamlessly with your life that you will forget that it is just a machine, no matter whether you are single or with a partner. It can be your personal massager when your partner is away…Or,Do you have a willing partner to experiment with? Great! Get in to a threesome Tonight with just you and your partner and ‘Hitachi magic wand’.   

Hitachi magic wand has been available in the Market for about a couple of decades now.It just started as a clinical massager used to massage patients with body pain.People who received these massages started asking about the massagers and the demand went sky high at that time and they started manufacturing the same device for commercial use.

Once you have started using the ‘hitachi magic wand’ you will never experience the POWER and Pleasure of ‘Hitachi Magic wand’ in anything else.The fame of  ‘Hitachi magic wand’ hit the peak when its ability to induce ‘Squirting orgasms’ in women was discovered accidentally and after it was featured in the famous TV show ‘Sex and the City’. More and more women have successfully discovered the Joy of squirting  thanks to the magic of this massager.

If you have no clue about what a squirting Orgasm is then I recommend you to this squirtingfordummies.com

Here is a excerpt from that site…

“Squirting is the ejaculation of a clear odorless and sweet champagne like liquid by women which is forced out of the urethra and mostly it is accompanied by whole body earth-shattering orgasms which are incomparable to normal vaginal orgasms . Whole-body Squirting orgasms can be achieved easily by stimulating the G-Spot and clitoris with anyone of the sure-fire21 techniques(Solo+Partner)  that  you are about to Learn in our video.”

To know more about squirting Orgasms Visit “squirtingfordummies.com”

Ok let’s waste no time and go straight to the Point and learn how to use ‘Hitachi Magic Wand Massager’

Hitachi magic wand comes with the default soft Vinyl head which is of the size of a tennis ball. You can just start using this without any attachment over it.You can do a full body massage with this head.If you need fuel to make it more exotic just try using it on body after applying some massage oil. It’s just haven.

After rolling the head all over your body move it towards your more delicate muscles-your genitals.There are Two Modes low speed and High speed. I have always wondered if any human will ever use the magic wand in that high speed mode. Because even at low speed it is known to take women from ‘0(zero)’ to ‘Orgasm’ in 30 seconds flat…

 To use it just as a massager the white vinyl head.If you need penetration pleasure you have to buy a attachment separately . Though there are many  fancy attachments available the only attachment that you ever need is ‘Gee whiz’.Gee whiz is made of silicone and it adjusts to your body to give maximum pleasures.All the other attachments are made of plastic and they feel like plastic only.

  Where to Buy ‘Hitachi Magic wand’?

 While Buying the magic wand you should consider three factors…

 1.Is the supplier a known and Trustable business entity?

2. Price and is there any offers.

3.Discreet packaging


Save yourself from the embarrassment of buying ‘Hitachi magic wand’ from the stores.

 The good news is ‘Hitachi magic wand’ is available even in some big stores like walmarts. But try buying one from there and the staff in the stores, from the giggling salesgirl to the Grinning Counter salesmen ,will make sure that you feel embarrassed.

Some of my blog readers ordered online from one of these stores and they shared their bitter experience of how their package which had ‘Hitachi magic wand+ G spot attachment” written all over it being delivered to their nosy neighbor when they were not at home.

 That’s why I always recommend my readers to buy from a well known store like sexual well being store. They take care that the packaging is done discreetly, ie…you will get your package delivered with Plain paper wrapped around it and they will make sure your credit card bill doesn’t tell anything about the secret massager you bought.   .

Scientific Study and Research about Squirting-Is squirting just Pee?

For a long time some people have been saying that squirting liquid is nothing but Peeing and some who have personally experienced it have been patiently explaining to them that it is not.There are a large number of men and women who try to have a squirting orgasm in their sexual life at least at some point of time in their relationship.Some squirt but not all of them succeed.And when they don’t succeed in the first few times they just move on in their life saying things like ‘squirting is not real’ or ‘squirting is just peeing and it is disgusting’. Nearly around Christmas eve of 2014 there was a article claimed to be published in Journal of Sexual Medicine that claimed that they have scientifically tested that Squirting is nothing but peeing.

Scientific Study about Squirting
Scientific Study about Squirting

The whole internet of Bloggers and facebook and twitter users picked up the story and syndicated the news all around the world.Finally the world has heard what they have always wanted to hear.That squirting is not Real and Squirting fluid is nothing but Pee.Finally the Majority of people who did not make an effort to have squirting orgasm in their love life Won.That Article which claimed that it is a scientific Research on squirting was the final nail in the coffin of aspiring squirt lovers who wanted to make their lovers squirt and enjoy the pleasures of squirting orgasm with them.

This article is a Post analysis of what really happened and challenges the conclusion of the Journal and the effectiveness of the Testing techniques used to come to the conclusion that squirting is peeing.

Before that i want to give a brief overview about squirting orgasms and the origin of the squirting fluid and what makes people think it is just pee.Some of you may already know this well but i have to refresh these facts so that we are in the same page before starting and you may learn something new anyways.Firstly,One theory is that the majority of the squirting liquid comes from the skenes gland.When the Gspot or other appropriate areas are stimulated the squirt liquid comes out with force sometimes accompanied by an orgasm which we call the squirting orgasm.From the Beginning the squirt lovers like you and me know that the squirting liquid comes out of the same tube that is used to pass pee out and there can be traces of urine in the ejaculated squirting fluid.

The following are my arguments.

1.The study concluded that The squirt fluid is Pee.Let’s come back to it again but did you notice that they didn’t say that squirting is Fake.They say they actually studied 7 women who could squirt. So they accepted the fact that women can squirt.Thousands of men and women still want to find out if squirting is real or not.This Study is in itself proof that squirting is real.The test results say that the squirt liquid contains largely Pee,let me attack that separately But by testing the liquid from seven squirts the scientists have agreed that there are women who can have a squirting orgasm.If they haven’t selected squirters but just women who peed then what you expect the test results to be?

2.It is known fact that the female ejaculation comes out from the same tube from where urine comes out.So there might be big possibility of some traces of urine mixed with the ejaculated liquid.And because of this the test result may have been positive for urine.What is the quantity of the squirted fluid gathered from each participant? Yes.Urine is present in the squirt collected.But How many percentage of urine is present in the samples?Is it 100%? No information about that is present in the Study result.Also if there is a Proper study conducted where is the statistical details?

3.Finally i doubt the very scientific knowledge paper found at that site.Is it a official scientific website?I may be wrong in my assumption but i assume it is just another ordinary website where users can submit their papers.Some user has done this study with limited resources and the Results came out wrong.The social media wanting bad news about squirters picked this one up and posted all over the internet.This may have happened.


Top 10 Differences between a Squirting Orgasm and a Normal Orgasm

There are plenty of differences between a normal orgasm and a squirting Orgasm.Some are Very obvious that we all know about it while some other differences are very Subtle.You have to be a squirter yourself to know these subtle differences but let me try to list them all for the squirt lovers all over the world wide web.

1.From a Stimulation Point of view.
  If a Girl Masturbates herself to a orgasm the main point of stimulation in her vagina will be Clitoris.Clitoris is Well outside the Vagina.
  When a Girl has Intercourse with a male partner the Main point of stimulation is deep in her vaginal walls. The In and out motion of intercourse will naturally exert a friction on the vaginal walls and this stimulation brings forth a Vaginal orgasm.
  When a girl is made to squirt by her partner,either with fingers or through intercourse,one of the possible reasons for the success may have been the right kind of stimulation on her Gspot. I don’t want to go deep in to the Gspot topic since it needs a separate post to cover it,i will just dive tothe next difference.

2.Squirting orgasm Analogy.
 My favorite analogy for squirting orgasm is what i picked up from one my regular  reader.She says a Normal Orgasm is like a Lightning.A squirting orgasm is Lightning accompanied by Thunder.The sound effect gives the same phenomenon a different dimension.

Likewise a Normal orgasm is a contraction and intense pulsating sensation.A Squirting orgasm is contraction and intense pulsating sensation accompanied by squirting of female ejaculate with good force.

3.The Drama.

Picture A Girl nearing a normal Orgasm.The curling Toes,that lovely orgasm face,the shrill moans,the oh my god Cries and finally she cums at last.Now,Picture a Girl Nearing a squirting Orgasms-No idea?.Just Multiply the intensity by 10 times.The uncontrollable contractions of her vagina,the whole body pulsating and her pussy squirting out sparkling champagne,the force,the wetness,and finally your girl pleasantly exhausted.

4.Single Orgasms VS Multiple Orgasms

Normal orgasms in most cases are just single Orgasms.Pleasure keeps on building and finally it explodes in to one big Orgasm.

Squirting Orgasms are Multiple.You can keep on squirting and cumming multiple times.Some girls Clench the vagina for each squirting and can keep on clenching and get multiple orgasms till they finally give up due to exhaustion.

Learn how to make a women squirt from the squirtingfordummies.com Video Tutorials.


Funny Female ejaculation and squirting orgasm Pictures and comments

You know what is Funny about squirting orgasm, for me? It’s when People ask if squirting is for real or when they say it is just Girls peeing.Anyway,there are a lot of discussions and comments that people make about squirting orgasm and female ejaculation in internet and in social media.This post is a humble effort to compile all such comments-sarcastic,humorous,NSFW,and everything on between in this post titled ‘Funny Female ejaculation and squirting orgasm Pictures and comments’.

1.Squirting Barbie Doll:-

Can barbie dolls squirt?Of course they don’t .I haven’t heard that they make barbie dolls that squirt.But hey….On second thoughts it seems a good idea.How about Naked dolls with squirting vagina-Won’t they have any uses? Forget it! Here is a Funny Barbie doll that actually squirts.


2.You ‘can squirt’:

I find the below picture captioned you ‘can squirt’ very funny and creative.My mind always brings back this picture when people ask me questions like ‘is squirt safe to drink’?.I know that this one is safe.

Squirt can.Is it safe to Drink?
squirt-can-safe-to Drink?

3.Girl squirting on a mans face in public: Hmmm…..This is funny…But i always tend to wonder if it didn’t hurt her down under to get hit by water at that pressure?Anyways it is funny.


Learn how to squirt during sex

So you want to learn how to squirt during sex.I have step by step instructions and guides on how to learn to squirt all over my website but this post is not going to be like that.I am listing out random tips from which you can learn a thing or two about making yourself or your partner squirt during sex or intercourse.

1.Get a Toy that stimulates your deep spots…Like Hitachi magic wand…

School Girl squirting with hitachi
School Girl squirting with hitachi

Or even the HotGvibe….

Woman Squirting with HotGvibe
Woman Squirting with HotGvibe

How to squirt pictures and videos compilation

Here is the beginning of my effort to bring you the worlds largest compilation of How to squirt Gifs,pictures and videos in this Post.Why did i call it ‘how to squirt pictures’ and not ‘squirting Pictures’?. Well for me there is a lot of difference between watching a squirting video and a How to squirt video.A squirting video is just a video of a girl squirting.A ‘How-to-squirt’ video on the other hand explains and give instructions that can be followed by anyone to make girls squirt.How to squirt videos and pictures are highly educational while squirting videos are entertaining but does not generally have the steps to teach men about making their girlfriend squirt.

1.Man making his Girlfriend Squirt and illustrating his Technique:-

Man-fingering-a-women-to-squirting-orgasm Man-fingering-a-women-to-squirting-orgasm

If you haven’t understood what i was talking about so far…I bet you will surely understand the difference between a squirting video and a How-to-squirt-video once you see the above Gif. This is Exactly what i was talking about.A man making his girlfriend squirt and at the same time shows off his fingering techniques so that we can all learn a Trick or Two to make girls squirt on our Own.And of course you can enjoy watching the women squirt at the same time learn what we most love,making a woman to squirt.

Real live video of Girl squirting with hitachi magic wand massager

Watch this Real live video of Girl squirting with hitachi magic wand massager.No fake models no staged squirting scenes just catching the squirting moment of a girl playing with her hitachi